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We set out the specifications to match your drawings or your model part. We make a prototype and the tooling needed for series production.
PROMOFILTRES, specialising in custom made industrial filtration since 1970 brings you the expertise and the reactivity of every staff member.

ISO 9001 certified, quality is job number one and one of the company's values.
From one-off parts to series production, manufacturing takes place at our production facility followed by strict quality control every step of the way:

  • Manufacturing metal filter components from drawings or a model part (e.g. when a part is no longer made or distributed).
  • Distribution to professional and private customers.
  • Quantities: from one-off parts to very large scale production depending on types of parts.
  • Filtration from 10µ to multiple mm.
  • Made in France at our production factory in Domont.
  • National and international shipping.

Our product range: Strainers, Cartridges, Baskets, Conical filters, Simple and Crimped Screens, Grilles, Pressed filters, Integrated filters, Floats, Frames, etc.

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Technological advantages

PROMOFILTRES is fully integrated and we make every filter in-house allowing us plenty of flexibility and reactivity.

Managed equipment and processes with :

Presses, mesh weaving machines, electric spot and stitch welders, argon, plasma, laser welding, etc.

Fields of application

Heating and cooling industry, Industrial taps, Aeronautical parts, Automotive parts, Petrochemicals, Nuclear power, etc.

ISO9001 certification since 1993

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Examples of our work :

- Cartridge with folded paper media and an outside frame made of expanded metal, a perforated inner metal body, pressed cups or ones pushed out at both ends with and without sealing gaskets. The folded filter element reduces filter surface compared with a smooth filtration element.

- Cartridge with a folded cloth filter media crimped onto the end rings, with a perforated metal inner frame. The advantage of crimping is that sealing is ensured with no need for glue. A continuous weld that sandwiches the folded media between the ring and a ferule also eliminates the need for glue and is easier to apply for small quantities.


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Manufacturing from drawings or model parts
from drawings or
model parts
Serving professional and individual customers
Serving professional
and individual customers
From single parts to series production
From single parts
to series production
From 10µm to several mm
From 10µm
to several mm
Made in France
Made in France
International shipping
International shipping

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